NCCER develops standardized construction and maintenance curricula and assessments with portable credentials. These credentials are tracked through NCCER’s National Registry which allows organizations and companies to track the qualifications of their craft professionals and/or check the qualifications of possible new hires. The National Registry also assists craft professionals by maintaining their records in a secure database.

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It’s Hard to See the Picture When You’re In the Frame

This blog was originally posted on the ACTE Educators in Action Blog and was reposted with permission.

By Rich Flotron, Region III Leadership Fellow, Guest Contributor

It’s been said that Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player ever, never won a championship […]

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    KBR’s Fort Polk Pipefitting Program Graduates Eight Active Duty Soldiers

KBR’s Fort Polk Pipefitting Program Graduates Eight Active Duty Soldiers

This blog was originally posted on Construction Citizen and was reprinted with permission.

By Heath Culbertson, Guest Contributor

On December 20, KBR and the Fort Polk Soldier for Life – Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP) celebrated the accomplishments of eight active duty […]

Craft Training Redefines Life Behind Bars

By Chris Towery, Guest Contributor

In recent years, a growing number of correctional facilities across the country have added NCCER craft training to their educational programming, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive across several fronts. Foremost, the training significantly […]

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Cornerstone of Craftsmanship: Frank Johnson

By Amy King, Communications Manager for NCCER

Frank Johnson is an NCCER-certified welder and a journey-level boilermaker and pipefitter. As a welding trainer and instructor at PBF Energy Toledo Refinery, he tests and qualifies welders and writes and qualifies welding […]