NCCER develops standardized construction and maintenance curricula and assessments with portable credentials. These credentials are tracked through NCCER’s National Registry which allows organizations and companies to track the qualifications of their craft professionals and/or check the qualifications of possible new hires. The National Registry also assists craft professionals by maintaining their records in a secure database.


Defining Construction Career Pathways and Why They Matter

By Christina Catron, Senior Manager of Marketing and Design for NCCER

The Construction Labor Market Analyzer reports that by the year 2020, the industry will have a deficit of 1 million craft professionals. As we work to solve this ongoing […]

Welders vs. Philosophers – Ignore Media Sophistry

By Daniel Groves, CEO at Construction Labor Market Analyzer (CLMA)

The following blog has been republished with permission from Daniel Groves and was originally published on Nov. 12, 2015.

On November 10, 2015, during the GOP presidential debate, Sen. Marco Rubio […]

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    Taking Action to Improve Ironworker Craft Training and Apprenticeships

Taking Action to Improve Ironworker Craft Training and Apprenticeships

By Tom Underhill, Executive Director of Steel Erectors Association of America

The construction industry has been bemoaning craft labor shortages for years. If you Google the topic, you’ll see reports from organizations such as the Associated General Contractors, FMI, NCCER, […]

Mitigating the Labor Supply Risk

By Daniel Groves, President of CLMA®

In the fourth year of economic recovery, workforce shortage concerns continue to rise. Many wonder if and where they can find the available craft necessary to complete the large projects underway and in the […]