NCCER develops standardized construction and maintenance curricula and assessments with portable credentials. These credentials are tracked through NCCER’s National Registry which allows organizations and companies to track the qualifications of their craft professionals and/or check the qualifications of possible new hires. The National Registry also assists craft professionals by maintaining their records in a secure database.


Cornerstone of Craftsmanship: Frank Johnson

By Amy King, Communications Manager for NCCER

Frank Johnson is an NCCER-certified welder and a journey-level boilermaker and pipefitter. As a welding trainer and instructor at PBF Energy Toledo Refinery, he tests and qualifies welders and writes and qualifies welding […]

Developing True Craft Professionals Starts with Training

By Scottie Smith, Welding Instructor at Northwest Florida State College

There are numerous factors that contribute to an individual becoming a craft professional. Although, experience is probably the one that comes to mind the most, there are also elements […]

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Welders vs. Philosophers – Ignore Media Sophistry

By Daniel Groves, CEO at Construction Labor Market Analyzer (CLMA)

The following blog has been republished with permission from Daniel Groves and was originally published on Nov. 12, 2015.

On November 10, 2015, during the GOP presidential debate, Sen. Marco Rubio […]

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Four Titles That Can Transform Your Training Program

By Patty Bird, Senior Manager of Projects at NCCER

Just as the methods and materials used in the construction industry have changed over time, so has the training of craft professionals. Longstanding tradition held that workers would learn a craft […]