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NCCER understands the important role associations play in the construction industry. Their members need a variety of workforce solutions that meet the development needs of their people and assist them in growing their businesses. To do that, we recognize the time and effort it takes to design and update the resources required to provide quality programs to their members. This is where NCCER can help.

NCCER for Associations

NCCER can help provide your members with a complete workforce development program that includes recruitment, training, and retention tools. These tools can be incorporated into the services you offer to better serve your membership and help your organization generate non-dues revenue.

Evaluating knowledge and skills

NCCER’s assessments can be used to certify and evaluate your members’ existing workforce. These assessments also provide customized training plans for upskilling their employees and placing them correctly in one of your organization’s existing programs. Combined with performance verifications, you are able to provide your members with a full evaluation of the knowledge and skills of each of their employees. The assessments can also be used as a pre-hire tool to ensure your members’ potential employees are placed in the correct position within their company.

The National Craft Assessment and Certification Program (NCACP) provides assessments and performance verifications for over 30 craft areas and ties directly to the NCCER curricula.

Designing a training program

Our vast catalog of craft modules provides associations with the ability to pick and choose exactly what their members need and the flexibility to adjust as requirements and needs change. Each module of training can stand alone and includes a knowledge and performance test that results in a credential. We also provide pre-designed programs that meet the Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship time requirements.

Our print and online programs allow organizations to offer in-person, hybrid, or virtual courses. All of our curriculum titles are available online through NCCERconnect, a customized learning management system, or in VitalSource as eText.

Offering recognition and portability of skills

NCCER provides credentials and certifications for the training and assessment programs offered through accredited organizations. Our secure online database also provides transcripts, digital badges and certificates for individuals while providing employers and trainers access to validate their accomplishments.

Building a talent pipeline

Associations accredited by NCCER can sponsor local high schools and other organizations that want to provide construction career and technical education programs. This type of relationship can boost the number of individuals interested in your training program and open positions available with your members. It also gives the individuals a head start for your training programs as many of these schools offer Core and Level One. This type of sponsorship helps you build an intentional and visible talent pipeline for your members and programs.

Helpful Resources for Associations

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Explore Programs & Crafts

NCCER offers curricula for over 40 craft areas with a modular-based training system that can be used in apprenticeship style training or can be custom curated to an organization’s specific needs. View several of our top crafts and programs listed or click the button below to view our craft curriculum catalog.


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