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Research has proven training leads to an increase in productivity and quality while also reducing absenteeism, rework, and injury. It has also been cited as a key factor in recruiting and retaining talent. NCCER understands that contractors are in the business of building not developing training. This is where NCCER can help.

NCCER for Contractors

NCCER’s comprehensive workforce development system provides recruitment, training and retention resources. Contractors can use the entire system or just the pieces they need.

Evaluate knowledge and skills

NCCER provides assessments and performance verifications for certifying your workforce. These tools also allow contractors to evaluate individuals pre-hire or during onboarding for better job placement and provide a way to evaluate their existing workforce to determine training needs. Regardless of how they are utilized, these assessments result in customized training plans, that when implemented, can lead to a more qualified workforce.

Just-in-time training

Although NCCER is known for our apprenticeship style training programs, our curriculum is modular in format allowing companies to choose the competencies their people need. Each module of training is available in print and digital and has a knowledge and performance test at the end that results in a credential.

Recruit new people

NCCER’s Build Your Future (BYF) program provides recruitment resources, career fair materials, classroom presentations and the new CareerStarter tool that allows you to connect with students looking to get into construction.

Helpful Resources for Contractors

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Contractors Workforce Development Assessment

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National Training Service Agreement

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Explore Programs & Crafts

NCCER offers curricula for over 40 craft areas with a modular-based training system that can be used in apprenticeship style training or can be custom curated to an organization’s specific needs. View several of our top crafts and programs listed or click the button below to view our craft curriculum catalog.


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