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General FAQs

Does NCCER provide training and testing services?

As a not-for-profit education foundation, NCCER provides access to training and resources, online testing standards for program administration and industry-recognized credentials. NCCER’s Find a Center allows individuals to locate NCCER training and assessment programs that are open to the public for enrollment/registration.

Where do I start as an organization looking to become involved with NCCER?

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Submit an Inquiry Form to connect with a member of NCCER’s Workforce Development Solutions team.
Is my organization eligible for accreditation?
Organization Type Training Program Accreditation Eligible Assessment Program Accreditation Eligible
Contractor * *
Owner/Operator * *
Trade Association * *
Labor Organization * *
Government Agency * (limited)
Correctional Facility * *
Temporary Employee Agency* * *
Consultant *
State Department of Education/Public Instruction* *
Proprietary School* *
Postsecondary Institution *
Other entities deemed appropriate by NCCER* * *
International Organizations** * **

* Applications will be reviewed for appropriate industry linkage and program resources
** Eligibility is determined by NCCER based on market, type of organization and availability

What is an NCCER credential?

NCCER issues industry-recognized credentials to recognize accomplishments in NCCER training and journey-level testing. Training credentials are earned for completion of modules, levels and crafts. Journey-level credentials are earned for successful completion of knowledge and performance testing and include certification when both knowledge and performance testing are passed. NCCER’s Registry maintains a database of all credentials and has an Online Verification component that allows employers to verify credentials in real time.

Learn About Credentials & Certifications
What types of records does NCCER collect and retain?

For credentialing purposes, NCCER collects an individual’s name, email address, date of birth, place of birth, mobile phone number and an Alternate ID of choice. NCCER takes privacy and security of information seriously.

What is modular curricula?

Our modular curricula allows organizations to customize training to their specific needs. NCCER provides recommendations for order of delivery and meets the Department of Labor’s apprenticeship requirements for time-based training. Organizations are provided the flexibility to teach NCCER curricula modules in any order. There is also an option to build customized training courses. No matter the delivery method or order, training conducted under an accredited or registered program leads to verifiable, stackable, portable, industry-recognized credentials.

Additional Questions?

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Our Support Portal is available 24/7 as a self-guided resource for additional information.

If you prefer to contact us directly, call (888) 622-3720 to speak to a member of our Customer Service team.