Assessments vs. Training

NCCER offers both assessments and craft training. Although both may lead to NCCER's industry-recognized credentials, they are not the same. 


Assessments evaluate the competence level of experienced workers, by documenting knowledge and verifying skills.

NCCER offers a complete series of entry- and journey-level written assessments as part of its National Craft Assessment and Certification Program (NCACP). These assessments evaluate the knowledge of an individual in a specific craft area and provide a prescription for upgrade training when needed. All assessments are based upon the NCCER Curriculum and have been developed in conjunction with Subject Matter Experts from the industry and Prov™, NCCER’s test development partner.

NCCER also offers management assessments for experienced foremen and supervisors and a series of academic tests for secondary career and technical education, which assist states in implementing statewide accountability systems.

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Journey Level Assessments

  • Boilermaker:

    • Pressure Vessel

  • Commercial Carpenter

  • Commercial Electrician

  • Concrete Finisher*

  • Drywall Mechanic*

  • Heavy Equipment Operator:

    • Backhoe

    • Dozer

    • Dump Truck

    • Excavator

    • Forklift

    • Motor Grader

    • Roller

    • Scraper

    • Skid Steer

  • HVAC

  • Industrial Boilermaker

    • Maintenance

    • Exchanger

  • Industrial Carpenter*

  • Industrial Coating and Lining Application Specialist:

    • Level 1

    • Level 2

  • Industrial Electrician*

  • Industrial Insulator*

  • Industrial Ironworker*

  • Industrial Maintenance Electrical and Instrumentation Technician

  • Industrial Maintenance Mechanic

  • Industrial Maintenance Support Mechanic

  • Industrial Millwright

  • Industrial Painter

  • Industrial Pipefitter*

  • Instrumentation Fitter

  • Instrument Technician

  • Manufactured Construction Technology

    • Level 1

    • Level 2

  • Masonry

  • Plumber

  • Power Generation:

    • Maintenance Electrician

    • Maintenance Mechanic

  • Power Line Worker:

    • Substation

    • Distribution

    • Transmission

  • Reinforcing Ironworker*

  • Scaffold Builder


  • Foreman

  • Supervisor

  • Sustainable Construction Supervisor

  • Construction Workforce Development Professional

  • Construction Superintendent


  • Hydroblasting Technician

  • Core

  • Maritime Core

  • Maritime Structural Fitter

*These assessments are also available in Spanish.

Craft Training

Craft training is for individuals who would like to learn a craft and begin working in the construction industry. In order to earn credentials, training must be conducted by an Accredited Training Sponsor using NCCER Curriculum. In cooperation with publishing partner Pearson, NCCER develops and publishes a world-class curriculum created by Subject Matter Experts from industry and academia throughout the United States. Subject Matter Experts ensure exceptional training programs meet or exceed national industry standards. The NCCER Curriculum, which includes more than 70 craft areas, is taught worldwide by contractors, associations, construction users, and secondary and post-secondary schools.