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This portal will help you quickly navigate to NCCER systems and websites. Quick Links to the Registry System, Testing System, Arkiv and more are listed above. The myNCCER portal will also serve as a message board to communicate critical system information. For example, if the Registry is down for maintenance, a message at the top of this page will keep you informed of the system status.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. If you have comments or suggestions, please be sure to send us a note through the Contact Us page.

News & Updates

  • Virtual Training Resources and Tips: Explore NCCER and Pearson remote training options, include eText, online testing, remote proctoring and more. Learn More.
  • Exciting News for Texas: The state of Texas now accepts a successfully completed NCCER Industrial Electrician Written Assessment in place of taking the TDLR exam and provides a Journeyman Industrial Electrician License. Learn more.
  • Discover More: See more of what construction entails, including demand, opportunity and paths to get started in the industry. Learn more.
  • Superintendent Program: a new joint certification with FMI® to provide a certification to qualified professionals in the superintendent field is now available. Learn more.
  • Research Team 335: This document identifies policies that are necessary to revitalize the U.S. workforce development system. Learn more.
  • Training Workshops and Webinars: With instructor-led training, you'll receive step-by-step direction through the registry and testing systems. Learn more.
  • 2020 Catalog: Download PDF.

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