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This portal will help you quickly navigate to NCCER systems and websites. Quick Links to the Registry System, Testing System and more are listed above. The myNCCER portal will also serve as a message board to communicate critical system information. For example, if the Registry is down for maintenance, a message at the top of this page will keep you informed of the system status. 

News & Updates

  • Exciting News for New Jersey: The State of New Jersey now recognized NCCER's Crane Credential. Learn more here.

  • New! Self-Paced Testing System Courses: This free training provides a complete overview of the system and is accessible instantly online and available 24/7. Learn more.

  • NCCER Craft Expirations Policy Update: Review here.

  • NCCER Curriculum Catalog: Download PDF.

  • Exciting News for West Virginia: NCCER's Mobile Crane Operator Certification is now accepted in West Virginia. Learn more

  • New Craft Module Test Pricing: Purchasing options for craft module tests now available. Learn more.

  • Free Retesting: NCCER will no longer charge for module retests starting June 1, 2021. Learn more.

  • Virtual Training Resources and Tips: Explore NCCER and Pearson remote training options, include eText, online testing, remote proctoring and more. Learn More.   

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