About Breaking Ground

The NCCER digital newsroom, Breaking Ground, is the official digital publication of NCCER and focuses on workforce development, training and innovation within the construction industry as well as highlighting exceptional NCCER sponsors and instructors. Topics include information on craft training, safety and management education, recruitment and image enhancement, return on investment, partnerships between industry and education, best practices, new policies or standards and more. From press releases to blog posts to full length articles, the newsroom’s audience includes contractors, owners, project managers, directors, instructors, human resource professionals and craft professionals.

The History of the Cornerstone Magazine

The Cornerstone has been the official bi-annual publication of NCCER since 2009. The magazine was a valuable communication piece in the industry that keeps consumers informed on current workforce development products, methods, and events in the construction, maintenance, and pipeline industries. Topics included the many facets of addressing workforce development including how to articles and information on craft training, safety and management education, recruitment and image enhancement, and return on investment.

The Cornerstone distribution reached training directors, project managers, safety directors, and executives representing top construction and construction-related firms across America. Readership also included career and technical educators representing secondary and post-secondary programs across the country.

Letter from the CEO

DonWhyteIn 2009, NCCER transformed its monthly newsletter into a biannual magazine, The Cornerstone. Our goals were to provide a publication solely focused on workforce development issues in the construction industry and highlight exceptional NCCER sponsors and instructors in hopes of providing successful models for others developing programs. As the need for an online presence grew, we added a magazine website in 2012 and released a weekly blog in 2014.

Over the past nine years, this magazine has published 18 issues and covered important topics relating to workforce development, training and innovation within the construction industry. We have recognized 68 Accredited Training Sponsors in Sponsor Spotlights, profiled 21 craft professionals in the Cornerstone of Craftsmanship and annually produced 34,000 printed copies.

The print magazine has been a reliable vehicle for reaching NCCER’s network, but as the world progresses, so must we. According to the American Press Institute, 74 percent of people now get their news from online sources. Therefore, NCCER is saying goodbye to our print publication. However, the articles found between these covers will remain. Moving forward, our Sponsor Spotlights, Community Builders, Inside the Industry and so much more will be published exclusively online. Instead of waiting months between issues, content from The Cornerstone will be combined with our Breaking Ground Blog and NCCER’s press releases into a digital newsroom.

The new digital newsroom will give NCCER the flexibility to address current topics as they are happening. We will reach a greater portion of our expanding network and make vital workforce development issues known to a broader audience. We hope that you will join us online, share our stories and tell us your thoughts so that we can continue to serve this great industry. At the end of the day, the purpose of The Cornerstone does not lie within glossy paper, cover images and the number of pages per issue, but in the significance of the information we are spreading. This letter is not a farewell, but the beginning of our next step in providing our industry with the information and recognition
they deserve.


Don Whyte Signature

Donald E. Whyte